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On Standby to Attend to Your Electrical Concerns

Electrical power is a basic necessity in South Carolina homes. Luckily for you, we’re to the rescue in case you encounter a problem with your electricity.

The Electrical Guy is an electrical emergency service company dispatching an electrician that can be counted on at all times in case you experience one of these unfortunate circumstances. We are on standby to attend any home or business concerns in the Midlands.

From power outages, surges, equipment failure, or induced voltage issues, we can handle them all. If the circuit powering your vital commercial equipment isn't working or a power surge has ripped through your premises, give us a call.

With more than two decades of experience, there isn't an emergency we haven't dealt with. Whatever the issue,—large or small, home or business—call us immediately in West Columbia, South Carolina. We will be on-site as soon as we can.

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